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Volunteering at PBSA.

PBSA is pleased to be a volunteer organisation and proud to provide the young people of our community with a great place to play ball. PBSA does not function without volunteer's, it requires all members to contribute in one way or another.

All members are required to provide a $150 volunteer deposit cheque at the beginning of the season. Once your volunteer commitment for your team is fulfilled your volunteer deposit cheque will be destroyed. Those members that do not fulfil their volunteer requirements will have their cheques cashed by PBSA.

PBSA has established a new volunteer system where by each member family is required to achieve a minimum of 10 volunteer credits each season. For the individual member tracking sheet and information regarding each volunteer task please click here. Use the volunteer tracking sheet to log when each credit is fulfilled and advise your Team Manager each time a volunteer credit is achieved.

Park Parent and 50/50 are very important roles that are not associated with your team. Please do consider helping our organisation by volunteering for either of these roles. Please click here for additional information on the Park Parent duties and click here for information on 50/50 draws at the park. For a schedule of Park Parent and 50/50 opportunities contact the PBSA Volunteer Coordinator at

Team Managers please click here for a volunteer tracking sheet for your team. Use this sheet to track and monitor when volunteer credits are achieved for each family on your team. At the end of the season submit your team tracking sheet to the PBSA Volunteer Coordinator. Once the tracking sheet is received by PBSA Volunteer Coordinator he/she will destroy or cash volunteer cheques as required. Please use an additional sheet if a member of your team achieves more than 10 credits.

There may not always be enough opportunities for families to achieve their volunteer credits and in many cases it will require more than 10 volunteer credits to fulfil all the requirements for your child's team. The expectation for each team is that volunteer credits are evenly distributed amongst all families.

If you have any questions regarding the PBSA Volunteer System please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

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