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Park Parent


The Park Parent role is to take care of all the duties that are normally not performed by the teams at the park. These include ensuring that all buildings are locked at the end of the day and checking that garbage containers have been emptied. For a schedule of Park Parent volunteer opportunities contact the PBSA Volunteer Coordinator at


  • Collect the keys from the concession. There are two keys on the lanyard. One key is for the office (upstairs in the clubhouse), and the other key will open the washrooms and all of the equipment and score sheds.
  • Open all the washrooms, equipment and score sheds.
  • Monitor washrooms to ensure they are clean and well supplied. Toilet paper and paper towels are in the cleaning supply room at the foot of the stairs in the clubhouse. On the wall, above the sink in the supply room, is a key that opens up the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers. If the garbage bins in the washrooms are full, take the bags out and put them in a garbage can to the right of the concession. New black garbage bags are on the shelf in the cleaning supply room.
  • Check the garbage cans at the diamonds and around the concession. Garbage cans located at the score sheds should be emptied by the teams using those fields. Concession garbage cans are emptied by the Park Parent. Please check all garbage cans and empty when almost full. The cans are heavy, and it is best to lift into the garbage bin with two people.
  • Check the recycling bins at the diamonds and around the concession (if a recycling bin is full, remove the clear bag, tie it off, bring it to the concession back door, and replace it with a new clear bag). New clear recycling bags are on the shelf in the cleaning supply room in the clubhouse. 


  • Ensure teams return all equipment to the equipment sheds.
  • Give the area outside the concession a sweep, if needed. Brooms are in the cleaning supply room.
  • Ensure the office door is locked (NOTE: it should be locked at all times, except when you are in it).
  • Ensure all the doors and windows in the clubhouse are closed and locked.
  • Lock up all washrooms, score sheds (ensure windows are closed), and equipment sheds. Hand the keys back to the concession. 

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