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50-50 Draws


50/50 draws are a great revenue source for PBSA. Draws are conducted when there are 3 or more games underway at Rotary Park. For a schedule of 50/50 volunteer opportunities contact the PBSA Volunteer Coordinator at

Conducting a 50/50 Draw

Supplies and detailed "how to" information for the 50/50 draw are in the clubhouse office. Keys to the office are in the concession or available through the Park Parent.

  • Sell the tickets at all the games in the park. Children are allowed to "help", just ensure you are in charge of the money at all times. Note: We have a mix of start times, so just remember you have to draw a winning ticket before any game to which you are selling tickets ends. 
  • Count up the money and divide it in half. Pay out the small change and smaller bills to the winner and keep the larger denominations for the park. 
  • Draw the winning ticket and announce the number using the mike at the concession. 
  • Record all the details required on the 50/50 ledger sheet, pay the winner, and have the winner sign the ledger sheet.Put the winning ticket (both sides) and the profits in a marked envelope and hand it into the concession staff to put in the safe. 

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