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Board Of Directors

President Lise Derzaph
Vice President - Senior Baseball
Jim Saunderson
Vice President - Junior Baseball Jeremy Dewey
Vice President - Senior Softball Lisa Fenton
Vice President - Junior Softball Patricia Kneen
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Wendy Thompson 
Umpire in Chief - Baseball Mark Jarrett
Registrar Sarah White 
Directors at Large

Director at Large Burke Stancill
Director at Large Dave Swinton
Director at Large Angela Cowperthwaite
Director at Large  Gene Pender
Director at Large Jennifer MacGillvray
Director at Large Janice Smith
Director at Large
Stacey Rees


Volunteer Coordinator Angela Cowperthwaite
Sponsorship's Director Jennifer MacGillvray
Diamond Scheduler Dave Swinton
Umpire Scheduler - Baseball Gail Eakins
Umpire Scheduler - Softball Mark Simpson
Web Site Administrator Sarah White
Media Content Coordinator Jenny Beasley
Security Officer Kacey Stancill

Facilities and Equipment

Equipment Coordinator - Baseball Shawn Haddock

Equipment Coordinator - Softball Janice Smith/Don Savostianik
Uniform Coordinator Ciara Hughes/Stacey Rees
Adult Challenger Colleen Fulmore

Mailing Address

PO Box 2343 Sidney, B.C. V8L-3W6

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